BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic is a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent derived from the bacterium, Clostridium Botulinum. For over a decade ophthalmologist have applied BOTOX Cosmetic for its original intention, the treatment of blepharospasm. Physicians have utilized BOTOX Cosmetic treatment to correct visible signs of stress and aging. We use the highest quality, brand name BOTOX for maximum effectiveness and safety.


How does BOTOX Cosmetic work?

BOTOX Cosmetics prevents the muscles from allowing responses to brain signals. As a result, the muscle relaxes and the overlying skin remains unwrinkled and smooth. Using a very fine needle, BOTOX Cosmetic is injected into the specific muscle that is contracting and causing the lines and wrinkles on the face. Treatment is effective, safe, and takes approximately 10 minutes. It is only done by a physician.


How painful is thetreatment?

The pain is a minimal “pin prick” and no anesthetic is required. Immediately following treatment, you may resume regular activities!


How long does the treatment last?

The treatment lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months.


Are there any side effects?

Botulinum toxins contain proteins, which some circumstances may be naturally safeguarded against by the body’s ability to produce antibodies. If antibodies are formed,the therapy will generate a lesser response. Temporary bruising is sometimes experienced, through this symptom resolves itself within 2 to 3 days. In rare cases, there can be a slight drooping of an eyelid or asymmetry of expression. If this should happen, return to your physician. Our physician will review your medical history and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for treatment.


Dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a substance naturally found in your skin. Natural aging and other factors such as sun exposure and lifestyle reduce the amount of HA in the skin and compromise its firmness and elasticity causing undesirable folds, wrinkles, and sagging. Immediately after your treatment, you will discern a smoothing of the wrinkles and folds. When the effect of the treatment begins to diminish, you can replenish the area as needed. We use the highest quality, brand name fillers for maximum effectiveness and safety.

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What is treatment like?

Dermal filler is in the form of a soft gel and would be injected under your skin by a trained physician through syringe application. In order to create a more comfortable experience, some dermal fillers are premixed with lidocaine.  The numbing effect of lidocaine prevents discomfort.


Which areas may be treated with fillers?

Naso-labial folds, lips, crows-feet, facial outlines, glabellar lines, peri-oral wrinkles and forehead wrinkle are popular areas.


Are there side effects?

FDA approved dermal fillers are safe and effective for many skin types.  It is safe and reliable treatment for ethnic skin types with no shown increase in risk of hyperpigmentation or hypertrophic scarring.

Most side effects are mild and their duration is short (7 days or less).  Common side effects include temporary redness, tenderness, bruising, swelling and slight bumps or increased firmness, and itching on the injection site.  Typically, these types of reactions subside within three days.  In rare instances some discoloration may occur, however it is reversible. 

Our physician will review your medical history and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for treatment.

What is Russian lip filler technique?

In this technique tiny droplets of filler are injected vertically into the lips. This technique makes lips wider, lifts and sculpts the lips.


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