In just 30 minutes, obtain more youthful and revitalized skin by reducing fine lines, blemishes, broken blood vessels; fading freckles, sun/age spots; smoothing rough skin; and minimizing pore size while improving skin texture, tone and elasticity. During the treatment, the IPL delivers smooth pulses of light to the treated area, which is absorbed by the target chromophore to show the desired improvement. The heat caused by the light helps to stimulate collagen production. Over a series of four to six treatments spaced three to four weeks apart, you see overall rejuvenation, more toned and youthful appearance.


ThreeForMe is a triple action procedure that helps restore the skins natural beauty, while combating the signs of aging.


What is the difference between an IPL laser facial treatment and laser skin resurfacing?

An IPL (intense pulsed light) device is more color specific, targeting pigmented spots and blood vessels, leaving the surrounding skin essentially intact and untreated. Whether CO2 or erbium, skin resurfacing lasers target the water content in the skin, and thus treats both pigmented and normal skin cells.


Does IPL laser treatment hurt?

This treatment has minimal discomfort. Typically, most patients do not require any topical numbing prior to treatment.


What should I expect after an IPL laser facial treatment?

After treatment, the brown spots and sun damage that was targeted will darken for approximately 1-2 weeks before flaking off. Patients are able to apply make-up to the area to cover the dark spots. There is no post-treatment care, however, it is recommended to avoid significant sun exposure and Retin-A use for 1 week after treatment.


Price List

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